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A kinder, happier, better 
bedside crib for your baby

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🎶 Playing to a different tune

Every night your baby sleeps in the Alora Crib, it is part of a beautiful, kind, "circular" ecosystem 🍃


That's because the Alora Crib is designed to be deconstructed... (by our specialist team of re-cyclists, when you've finished using it) ♻️

How it works

On average, a bedside crib is used for only 6 months. 

Don’t buy one - be part of the circular economy.

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When you need it...


  While you use it...


When you're done...

… the Alora Crib is delivered to you, for as long as you want it (minimum term applies).

… you pay an affordable monthly subscription with ongoing support from Alora.

… the Alora Crib is collected from you and re-manufactured into a totally new product.

Why join the Alora tribe?

The power of circular design means an overall better product and better experience for you and your baby


79% less C02 is emitted making the Alora crib, due to its circular economy model


A premium crib for £21 a month - an overall lower cost than the average crib


Next-day delivery and collection, deep support from the Alora team 

Facts you can trust

Alora and the Alora crib will be fully certified to the highest standards of safety and integrity.


Financially Certified

Safety Certified

Alora Baby Ltd is working to ensure it is authorised and regulated by the FCA prior to launch

The Alora Crib will have full certification to meet BS EN 1130:2019 safety standard

Register now for early access and to be updated when the Alora Crib launches in Autumn 2023

Thanks, we've got you!

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